Sunday, October 17, 2010

Past Fiction Project: Dandy Girl

I haven't posted anything about fiction in a while. Come on, give me some slack--I'm a journalist. I spend more time getting juicy gossipy stories. But anyway, yes, I've got some fiction stuff for you, today.

About a year ago I became involved with an indie game project. Basically, some people (mostly anonymous) got together and created a text-based game centered around a rewrite of Robert F. Young's "The Dandelion Girl." Which I ended up writing. Since the project wasn't particularly motivated/energized, it didn't exactly go forward at breakneck speed. But eventually, it was finished, and it achieved a moderate amount of popularity on the internet (some parts being regarded as "hilariously bad").

If any of you are interested, click the link at the bottom of this post to go to the download page on my official site, where you can download the game (don't worry, it's small) for free. I'll attach a screenshot and see if it nabs your interest.

To Download Page


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