Friday, March 12, 2010


Let's begin with the title of this blog. Some of you may either know about the "cat box" experiment already, or have heard of it, but I'm guessing there are other readers left scratching their heads.

Schrodinger's Cat Box is an idea that was discussed in one of Erwin Schrödinger's essays on the nuts and bolts of Quantum Mechanics. Basically, it says that there is a cat in a box--whether or not the cat is alive or dead is hidden until the box is actually opened. Until the box is opened, two separate truths exist: (1) the cat is dead and (2) the cat is alive. Because the box is closed, neither idea can refute one another, and they both "exist."

This has, over time, become a fairly popular idea (the idea of multiple parallel truths/universes/realities) and has been used in a good amount of science fiction.

This blog will discuss my fiction, the multiple parallels--slice-of-life, horror, and mystery--and give you (I hope) a very entertaining read.

Having said that, please enjoy! While you're waiting for me to crank out more fiction, check out my article blog in the meantime.

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